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Phony Martial Artists
Some rich kid from the USA go to Thailand and pay the average men couple of dollars to fight him and beat them up and capture it on the videos and put it on the internet and tell everyone that he fights with real Muay Thai Champions and beat them all and now he is the Champion. LOL. Worse, he opens a Muay Thai school and starts teaching garbage to others and waste their times and degenerates the great martial arts traditions.
I tell you the truth, Muay Thai is so popular because it is safe to play that game and it is more presentable to the West with silly rules and gloves and this and that. My good friend Phil, a white American man, who understand a lot about Myanmar tribal cultures and martial arts says, "yeah Muay Thai fighters look into MTB ring, when they grow real balls and ready to take off their gay gloves and rules."

Dying in the Ring is Great Honor


Life is full of winnings and losses. Warriors naturally compete. They fight for fun; they fight to prove their honor and beliefs; they fight to live. Yes without fighting they will die. They have found the way to fun, honorable lifestyle that will make use of their energies to compete in awesome competitions, whether public or private competitions, instead of wasting or hiding away like others who never discover themselves --their minds and physical and spiritual capabilities--and do drugs, eat unhealthy, drink pointlessly, smoke stupid cigarettes, and hang around the people they do not really like and have sex. That is not peace. Don't let the idea of peace confuse you with corrupted politics and useless wars, where many of them fall victims to. There is no glory in any of those wars and all those survivors and the dead never had the slightest idea about why they fought for and why their body parts got mutilated or their minds and bodies destroyed permanently. 


Martial arts are the only beautiful competitions and honorable wars. Yes one may not always win and suffer from injuries and defeats, but the competition in this level can only improve the characters of the warriors. If you win, it is a true winnings. It is because you are good and skillful and capable. If you lose, they is no one else to blame for. No body made you fight. You did it because you wanted to. Remember life is full of injuries anyway. It is more honorable to be injured from a honorable martial arts competitions than anything else in this world. I am a MTB warrior myself. I have had many losses and severe injuries myself. If I die in a ring or because of fighting, I say that is the glorious death ever. We are going to die anyway. That's how the MTB warriors think and I know it for fact because I am one myself.

Bare-Knuckle Fighting is True Skill and Reality


Fighting with bare knuckles and with gloves are very different. Don't think those who are good at fighting with specific rules will do well in bare-knuckle matches. One punch can end the fight or completely turn it around. Yes it is hard for the bare-knuckle MTB warriors to compete in MMA because they are not used to gay MMA rules, but think about which kind of competition is more realistic, with gloves or without gloves. Do human beings wear gloves naturally? Those who are good with takedowns and grappling will have to be very cautious and do much better to take down a bare-knuckle warrior. With the gloves, they can take a lot of chances at taking down because punches are save to receive. There aren't many people in the world who can fight with bare knuckles anymore. Boxers in the West cannot fight without their big stupid gloves; MMA fighters are scared of or ignorant of bare-knuckle ways. Most of them cannot even punch their opponents without breaking their fists.

Comments about Martial Arts and MTB Competitions

I bring you the good news of the wonderful MTB warriors, who are my brothers in so many ways. MTB competitions will exhilarate everyone with raw energy and great emotions.

The Muay Thai fighters the MMA world worships are no match for MTB fighters. See MTB 17 with your own eyes.

Sometime ago, I received an email from my good friend, saying that he thinks Muay Thai fighters have no jab and their punching system is a joke. In addition, he says he has great respect to MTB fighters, but he comments honestly, “why are they all small?”

I received unfriendly emails from someone, saying he was a real MMA fighter/martial arts teacher and that he said MTB men were great but “heavy weights” would kill them! He was not very nice in the email at all about MTB men and me. I only said, “My dear sir, I am only 5’ 6” and 130 LB. I invite you to come and ‘train’ with me…” He never writes back.

Now you can see many David vs. Goliath matches from our Strange Land. Is some ridiculous people’s prejudicial, nonsensical whim about bigger/heavier fighters are more powerful and better true? Most of us in the west think only fighters above 180 pounds are truly capable. In our Strange Land, we have big people too. However, they never get very far in fighting. We have no weight class in many of our MTB competitions.

Over here in the west, “little” people have to live with absurd, established prejudice about being a second-class people when it comes to physical capabilities. Even at regular workplaces, I have never seen “big strong muscular guys” worked so hard, while the “little” lean healthy guys worked with regular pace and getting a lot of work done. The big guy may be able to lift a five hundred pound weight, but he has to take a break about thirty minute before he recoups. In the mean time, the “little guy” probably have moved little fifty-pound weights of 1000 pounds in total.

In fighting, we all think if I big guy hits a little guy, he will be squashed. In truth, little guy is like a little piece of high-density metal—nothing happens and he can take a lot. On the other hand, when the big guy receives a hit, it is like a blob that gets pierced.

All MTB fights are all most amazing fights you will have ever seen.

Fake Shows Insult You and the other Fans

The fighters in "pro wrestling" competitions, who only do fighting for living by putting on a show are considered mercenaries in the old days. Myanmar people would never pay so much money to watch these men if these men will not even fight “commoners.” Mercenaries  could never make a living with MTB because many MTB men hate them and challenge them in the rings and beat them to nothing.

War between mercenaries and other MTB men raged from1930s to 1960s. What happened was that British business men imported some Indian boxers and employed some big MTB men full-time to be like a wrestling business in the USA. They advertised these mercenaries as if they were gods, they were so strong and so big and no one can beat them, bla bla bla. It is working in the country like the USA and some European countries now, but that kind of lie never worked at Myanmar.

When you try to scare a typical Myanmar, he does not get scared easily. You are just going to convince him more and more that he really should fight you to find out if what you say is true or he will teach you a lesson not to lie. What happened was that they only let their mercenaries fight among themselves. The business owner decides who is going to fight whom. This practice upset the traditions and many great MTB warriors who were also farmers left their farms and traveled around the country. They followed these businesslike events, and challenged their pet monsters and beat them to nothing. There were great stories like one man jumped in the ring and fought out thirty or forty mercenaries one after another.

MTB used to Be Called Burmese Boxing

Myanmar Traditional Boxing was used to be called Burmese Boxing. In fact, many people are stuck with it. The name Burma is not good because it represents only the Barmen. Myanmar represents all the tribes and various people living in the country Myamar. Just like the name Britain and United Kingdom instead of England, because "England" represents only English, while there are Irish, Scotts, and many other people living in the country.

If you honor our MTB warriors, please try to say Myanmar Traditional Boxing, instead of Burmese Boxing. By the way, boxing means "Let Whyte" in Burmese, not 'Muay.' Thai people may say Muay Burma (Myanmar Boxing), referring to our system, but there is no such thing as Muay Burma. If you want to get the name correctly in Myanmar say "Myanmar Yoya Let Whyte." Yoya means Traditional.

Healing Force

Martial Arts are something only a noble heart can feel...

Many people are not healthy and injury free--even if they don't practice martial arts, anyway. Still they may argue to hide their fears and weakness and say it is “violent.”

Define Civilized but Don’t Mistake Cowardice for Politeness

If some one is so afraid to be injured, then don’t fight, rather than asking your opponent to wear pads. Even so, there are some people who would forbid the fighters even if the fighters are willing to fight in a realistic ways because they think, I repeat they THINK, it is barbaric, savage, etc. The same “polite, civilized” people will abuse their bodies with all kinds of drugs, alcohols, cigarettes, etc. 

The Beauty of Martial Artist Life

A martial artist's life will be occupied with beautiful wonders, unending learning, and graceful mentality. There will be no time to degenerate one's self. Otherwise, that's a phony martial artist, a liar.

Watch Out for Those Who Stab You in the Back

I trust and respect anyone who is not afraid to fight me express his/her feelings openly. I despise those who curse and insult me but too cowardly to fight. It is more beautiful and honorable to fight than using a gun, or a bomb to kill. Worse, there are those who will fight you using all kinds of abase tools like courtroom, police, political influence, and lies. Watch out for those who will shake your hands and smile, but conspire against you.

Abase Evil Human Nature

When I was a baby, I was brought up to believe that my tribal brothers, such as Karin, Chin, Kachin, Kaya, etc in remote lands are savages, ruthless, and bad people. There was a Civil War in Myanmar until recently. We were reading propagandas and afraid that these tribes are going to take over one day and do bad things. Only now I could see the faces of my tribal brothers and see how brave, wonderful, and honorable people they are in MTB competitions. Humans are always afraid of something they are not used to and understanding.

Be careful of what or who influences you and brain washes you. No matter where you live, old evil of some abase human nature shadows among you. I see it in USA too.

Hero Testing Ground

King Ba Yint Naung reigned (approximately 2000 years ago) in Myanmar. His army was reputedly the strongest army in the world. 

King Ba Yint Naung supported all kinds of martial arts studies, competitions, and activities. He was always on a look out for special heroes with special abilities. There were all sorts of stories about his martial arts heroes.

The basic testing for those who wished to be heroes in his army is by hammering a needle (about an inch long) into the thumb fingernail. You have to keep smiling and show no pain or fear; especially not twitch your thumb or body during the impact.

One serious "hero" twitched during the trial and was rejected. The hero felt so humiliated and insulted. He took out his sword, cut up his own belly, took his heart out on his palm (it is still beating) and said, "I am not a coward" and died.

Read more about how A Group of King Ba Yint Naung's Heros (just a handful) sacked the whole Thai City called Ar-Yu-Da-Yath.

Ar-Yu-Da-Yath Sacked

Thailand and Myanmar were like England and France. They co-existed, but constantly had conflicts. A beautiful tradition of Old Burma was that they never attacked other countries to expend their territories. The kingdoms in Myanmar were like children fighting each other like the old Shogunate System in Japan. Whenever there was an outside threat, they united and punished the assaulters.

Anyway, I don’t know who started it, Thailand and Myanmar Kings always attacked each other for thousands of years in the old days. Though Myanmar was always on the offense, only a couple of Kings ever crossed the Thun Lwin River and conquered some cities of Thailand. The problem was always the shortage of food. The army always needed so much food to sustain the soldiers. The kings’ palaces (headquarters) were always far form Thai borders. Whenever, they were about to reach Thailand mainland, the army ran out of gas.

King Ba Yint Naung selected special heroes unit (not an Army) to conquer Thailand in different approach. These heroes, unlike an army, could exist independently without much king’s support for food, supplies, and weapons. They are like special units (like Navy Seals or Marine) in the modern armies, only100 times more effective than those so-called special units in modern armies. For example, they can eat anything they can catch in the Jungle or wild fruits, leaves, etc. They don’t need horses and specially equipped armors, swords, and shields. When they need a weapon, they cut up a bamboo tree and fight with bamboo sticks. 

Anyway, this unit consisted of less than five hundred men armed with bamboo sticks conquered the city Ar-Yu-Da-Yath in less than a day and burned the whole city.

Thailand was so bitter about this record in the history that they never rebuilt the city. That burned city still exists like a museum until today. This city Ar-Yu-Da-Yath (city of dead warriors) has so much to do with Muay Thai Boxing and Martial Arts. If you want a glimpsed of this scene, you can see it in Jean C. Van Dam’s movie Blood Sports. In one of the scenes, he is practicing martial arts in the museum-like dead city and has a vision about the old warriors fighting.

Maui Thai boxers called upon their dead warriors to fight for them in the ring, so do some of Myanmar Boxers. This is a belief. In addition, in the same movie, you will see when Van Dam is talking and strolling with his teacher in the park, at the background scene, some people playing “Chin Lone.” I don’t know what they call it Thailand. In Myanmar, we called it “Chin Lone.” This is a very important sports associating with martial arts, especially with MTB or Muay Thai. It helps you with your kicks, reflexes, and coordination. Chin Lone is like a Volley Ball except that you are not allowed to touch the ball during the game.

Four Heroes of Pegun Kyan Cit Tha Becomes a King

This is a story about loyalty, courage, and sacrifice. Myanmar reached its peak of civilization at the Bagan Period. During Bagan Period, many kings, especially King ArNau Ya Tha, built many amazing Temples called Pagodas. The whole region of Bagan is filled with countless huge temples as Egyptians built pyramids. You can still see them today.

Anyway, there are many amazing martial arts heroes during that period. The Four Heroes of Bagan is the most famous. They defeated 40,000 of aggressors from the east (probably Thais) that threatened the neighboring kingdom with just four. Don’t ask me how, but this is recorded in Myanmar History. King Kyan Cit Tha was one of the Four Martial Art Heroes before he became a king.

They have unique abilities. Kyan Cit Tha could kill anyone in a palm forest like a ninja. He is so fast at climbing palm trees and jumping from one tree to another. It was recorded that he could jump 6 feet high.

Sau Lu Min was a king when Kyan Cit Tha was a general in the army. Enemy Army kidnapped Sau Lu Min. People in Bagan Kingdom asked Kyan Cit Tha to be king and forget about Sau Lu Min. Yet Kyan Cit Tha went into the enemy kingdom (alone) to rescue the king. He killed every guard he met in the dudgeon and got his king back. Sau Lu Min, who was on Kyan Cit Tha’s back, always thought that Kyan Cit Tha was some kind of demon and now he has finally come to kill him. He yelled to the guards that Kyan Cit Tha has come to rescue him and not to let him do it.

Kyan Cit Tha dropped him there and ran. They killed Sau Lu Min right away at the spot. When he was back in the Bagan Kingdom people begged him to be a king. Now he couldn’t deny the people because Sau Lu Min is dead. This is a true historic story.

Po Hla Gyi Vs. The British Official

Myanmar was once a British colony. College students at that time (1885—1940s) were always protesting British Government’s authorities. One of the famous (Martyrdom) students publicly challenged a famous British Ministers (I forgot the name). The student name was Thakhin (Master) Pho Hla Gyi. That crazy English man agreed to “box” with Thakhin (Master) Pho Hla Gyi publicly. He didn’t have to. He was a government official and the challenger was just a “common student.” I guess he was bored and wanted to play with Burmese students. By the way, I respect those old fashion duels. Nowadays, there are so many lesser men/ weaklings/ cowards exist everywhere that duels are outlaw in almost all the countries in the world.

Anyway, that minister thought Thakhin Pho Hla Gyi was going to fight in his style (western boxing) with no hitting below belts and no nothing but punching.

Thakhin Pho Hla Gyi used full MTB system like he always fight in MTB rings with knees, elbows, headbutts, kicks, etc. That minister went to hospital bloody. Later his boys arrested Thakhin Pho Hla Gyi for not fighting “fair.” 

This becomes like a nationalistic story in Myanmar until today, the story told to children how brave, and good MTB fighters and fighting system are.

 I don’t have anything against England or Myanmar by telling this story. I like both countries. In case you don’t know me, I am Anglo-Burmese. I grew up with mixed British and Myanmar culture, Education, and ways of thinking. But of course, western boxing is a joke if you ask me.

MTB is the Best Hand-to-Hand Martial Art System in the World

Japanese (samurais) were superior fencers, but in hand-to-hand combat, MTB warriors were unchallenged through out the history.

In the old days, where the Myanmar throne existed, there were great swordsmen and all kinds of warriors with the support of the kings. However, studies of martial arts went underground when England conquered Burma in 1800s.

It is recorded in our history that Warriors in the old days practice "Na Bun" (grappling and ground fighting like jujitsu) widely, but some great MTB warriors showed serious limitations of ground fighting tactics and how it could be defeated easily in public martial arts competitions. Soon MTB warriors stick more and more to stand up striking than ground fighting, so it disappears or becomes unpopular. Practicing martial arts and martial arts competitions are what make all our various tribal brothers get to know each other and love and respect one another.

Myanmar Names

You don’t call Myanmar Names in shortened forms. For instance, Eir Tee Cau is a whole name. “Cau” is not a Family name or last name. My name is Christopher McGrath. You may call me just the first name Christopher or Chris.

However, if you shorten a Myanmar name it becomes really ridiculous and improper. You don’t call Christopher, for instance, as Chri, or Sto, or Pher, etc. That’s a same analogy. Eir Tee Cau, though I spell out with spaces, it is a one name, one sound.

Myanmar names can be shortened, but you have to know the deal. I may call Eir Tee Cau just Tee Cau. But if you just call him Eir, it sounds so stupid. Some tribal names (prefixes) like Eir, Sau, Noun, etc identify the tribe. Sau The Myo, Sau Wan Chine, Sau William Thein, etc. The prefix Sau identify that they are Kerin Descendants. “Eir” identifies that the person is Kaya tribe descendant. 

Myanmar names have some meanings in the sounds. The name Win Tun, for example, means the person is bright and excellent. The name like Win Tun cannot be shorten. Once again Tun is not a family name or last name. If you just call him “Win” it sounds very stupid. If some one has a name Aung Win Tun, for example, you may call him in a shortened form “Aung Win” or “Win Tun.” Still if you do, you are not giving proper respect to him.

Many western names have family names. I don’t know who started it. In the Bible, names are all (almost) individual and when someone introduces himself, they say I am son of Jessie, or Jacob, etc, instead of saying David Jessie.

The Martial Artist Me

I am always secure and undisturbed whether I am sitting in a safe office environment, traveling on a public transportation, or taking a walk in a park at night or a stroll into a bad bar for some reason. No one will mock at my serenity because I radiate a force within me. There is no place I am afraid to go at any hour, no one I am afraid to speak to with a smile; I don't need a big lock on my door while I am home.  No one will violate my rights while I am present.

I am not afraid to look into people’s eyes and see their soul; I am not afraid to be myself and back it up with intellect, reasons, and intelligent—if anything else fails I can still hold true to my words and defend them when it is necessary. I don't feel the need to obscure the truth because I am a weakling.

It may seem that we are risking ourselves injuries for no apparent reason, but this is something only a noble heart can feel. We practice martial arts.

This assurance helps me with everything I do—I do them better; it entertains me; it trains my heart, my body, and my soul; and it makes me feel younger and alive. I do not live in fear. I AM A MARTIAL ARTIST who love my friends.

Grace and Honor

Warriors stand tall and Proud, Serene and Elegant, and Grace shinning from their souls. They revere one word that most people today tremble and shy away from, which is Honor.

Guardians of the World

If you think martial art is like a childhood game where you don't have to care so much about disciplined life and training, then you are wasting time with your training. Not only you have to learn and do homework, but also you have to stay fit, such as eating right, sleeping and resting properly, constantly reviewing the techniques in your thoughts, and taking care of yourself. That's why I am not too worry about who knows what techniques, or who paid what dojo so much money to learn and undergo so much training. If you don't maintain what you have and acquired, then everything will go away. That's why I admire true martial artist because they are always beautiful both inside and out. However, you don't know them until you spar with them. True Knights are always ready to play—to us it's nothing more than a fun. To others it's a fearsome act of violence and they fear this. Ordinary people and shallow thugs, who may be a little more capable physically than normal, exist naturally. The thugs are by no mean Knights. True Knights are warriors by birthright. We were naturally born to be GUARDIANS of the world.

Eternal Black Belt

A lot of my friends or acquaintances are/might be interested in a lot of aspects and features of my life and my beliefs. Some just could not stand it anymore and expressed their uneasiness, concern, and fear. The answers are always within our grasp. If you try to summarize life in a phrase, a paragraph, a book, then you are a fool.

Black is a special color. It's a color that a lot of shallow people are afraid of. It will make you uneasy and disturb your spirit if you are not secure and strong inside, so that I will know your heart.

It is a friendly warning that I am deadly, so that I can avoid pointless confrontation/fighting on the streets.

It is a Badge of responsibility and Law Enforcement. My present will remind you that many Guardians exist to check stupidity, and evil in the world.

It is a serenity of a youthful age's wisdom-- a sign of love, loyalty, courage, strength, and sacrifice.

It's an emblem to distinguish myself from other non-warrior type people.

It is a color of JUSTICE.

It is to remind you of a reflection of sins this world is bearing.

And I am a natural Black Belt, an eternal martial artist. I don't just wear it on a white gee in the dojo, but I wear it on my spirit. It is my Spiritual Armor that protects me from corrupting souls.

The Arts Falling into Wrong Hands

Most of the warriors are born warriors. However, if that gifted warrior mentality is not discovered and nurtured, he will definitely turn out to be a scoundrel, rude, obnoxious, and confused among other people who aren’t special like him. In the old days, teachers take in some of them and they study martial arts and go on to live wonderful lives. However, what if he cannot find or meet a teacher. I spread my martial arts for those kinds of undiscovered warriors. I am not worried about how they might misuse the arts. I believe if you are not meant to master it, somehow you will not complete the training. It takes true passion, dedication, and honor to compete the training course in life. If someone completes it and he becomes good enough to teach back, fight and put down bad people, he has already proven that he is a good person by showing all the good virtues to complete the training. Otherwise, he would not have completed it. Briefly, undesirable people will never become a true, good, capable martial artist. They own evil will fail them. I preach that to all my apprentices.

Noble Martial Artist

 Practicing martial arts are essential and noble just like we need to eat and sleep. Many people fail to realize it. It's fun to use up the natural power/energy we have and rebuild it. How? Keep following martial arts and you will find it...What makes martial arts special and different from any sports is that it involves your mind, and spirit deeply, no need to mention how physical it is, and it is very emotional with great love, joy, understanding, problem solving, etc. There are no limit to what you can achieve as a martial artist, whether it's a physical power, mental power, healing powers, destructive powers, etc. I see many people who fail to realize these important concepts of energy balance, healing processes, realization of natural human weakness, fears, inability to understand self and others, waste their lives away in darkness covered with forever realm of fear and weakness. I know great deal number of people, some who even practice martial arts a little bit, get devoured by their own energy and dark minds. For example, a body builder builds his body out of inferiority complex and gets the muscles and he becomes so strong--he is so strong that he is so restless and his own energy is eating him alive everyday. Many of them find themselves some relieves in having sex with undesirable women ("whores"), doing stupid drugs, drinking, and all kinds of evil ways. The consequences are unthinkable events and problems. I hope you get the concept. I am not just talking about the body builders; I am talking about all other dumb sports people play to simulate this natural concept. Martial arts are the only way. No other dumb sports can ever imitate the nobility, achievements, and benefits of practicing martial arts. I just want to add one very important concept that many so-called "intellectual", "smart", and "civilized" individuals fail to understand: Freedom and Safety cannot come together. Whenever you feel afraid for yourself, or for your love ones and you make stupid little rules (laws) that you cannot follow yourself and want to impose on others, you give yourself away like a "whore" in a long run.



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