Myanmar Traditional Boxing (MTB): Myanmar Yoya Letwhyte

 Myanmar Traditional Boxing is used to be known as Burmese Boxing. To spell out the Burmese tongue in English: Myanmar Yoya Letwhyte. However, the country name Burma is changed officially to Myanmar in 1990. The new name represents all the tribal people, and vast union of beautiful people instead of one tribe Burmans.

MTB warriors use all kinds of bone-breaking strikes, dashing, flying attacks, clinching techniques, and unique slam down methods not present in other martial arts systems—not even Muay Thai. Myanmar Traditional Boxing is most similar to Muay Thai, but there are huge differences in techniques, mentality, and principles.


MTB warriors are unique with their natural body weapons, such as fists, shins, head, elbows, knees, insteps, heels, and forearms. All these body parts of the warrior are lethally hardened like metal hammer. When they strike, they strike to break bone or do maximum damage. Typical strikes include various MTB punches, head butts, elbows, knees, instep or shin kicks, other kicks, and fore arm strikes.

Dashing and Flying Attacks

MTB competitions are the only martial arts competition packed with non-stop high-energy movements. These unique movements along with MTB strikes make MTB what it is—the best and most realistic martial arts system in present.

Technical Clinches

MTB warriors use forbidden clinching methods that are not known in today’s Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) world.  

Slam Downs

MTB warriors use unique spectacular slam downs only present in MTB competitions in the world.


These are the rules in MTB competitions:

You have to knock out your opponent to win. No matter how many times you knock down your opponent, if he is still getting back up, you do not win. Ninety Five percent of the fights end with someone KO.

They are very polite and wonderful people. They won’t bite, eye-gouge, kick in the groin and do all kinds of dirty fighting.

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