My name is Christopher McGrath. I am a graduate professional with computer science and mathematics backgrounds.


SUNY Poly Tech Institute, Utica, NY

Master of Science, Computer Science, May 2004

GPA. 3.1


SUNY Poly Institute, Utica, NY

Bachelor of Science, Applied Mathematics, May 2002

GPA. 3.50, President's List and Dean's List

My resume:


I offer following services:


  • 1. Building commercial websites with OsCommerce integration with robust security and database. I coded various programs for websites, web services, application programming, businesses, and organizations.

  • 2. Programming in C++, C, JAVA, PERL, RUBY, PYTHON, XML, MATLAB, SQL, PHP, Visual Studio (VB, C#, Visual C++), Web Service Protocols (XML-RPC, SOAP, REST, etc), OCAML (other Functional Programming Languages) and more…

  • 3. Development/testing environments setup.

  • 4. Software testing, IT system auditing for security, life-cycle, and evaluation for professional standards. If I can break your software, attack your systems, and show you clear ways in the flaws and weaknesses, your million-dollar software or a system is nothing but joke… I have proven this at least four big-times for multi-million dollar businesses…

  • 5. DATA Recover Services. HDD lost partition (became unallocated), Cloning, locate lost or deleted files, move your windows or other operation systems to larger hard drives, etc. Don't fiddle around and wait until last minute if you want to get your lost information back. The longer you play around and use your computer, the less changes to recover anything.

  • 6. System backup services. For examples, many businesses that I worked with BELIEVED they have functional backup systems or plans. Several of my clients I met were already in desperate situations when they found me. I made temporary solutions to remedy their disasters, provided permanent solutions in monitoring their rebuild projects in groups or single-handed built real recovery/backup systems for them. Most software or IT solution companies out there lie to their business or corporate customers. If you need someone with real knowledge and skills to tell you the truths, that’s me.

  • 7. PLC programming or related tasks also considered accepting depending on the situation…     

  • 8. Cloning and backup of your systems, servers, desktops, laptops, and making virtualization of your complete system.


Operating Systems: All Windows, all Unix/ Linux, and Mac.




Vast experience with Computer Hardware, Networking, and other IT devices.


Please ask if you are in doubt whether I can help you with specific project or task you have in mind.

-troubleshoot (hardware or software and virus problems),

-install or troubleshoot software programs, operating systems,

-build or fix a PC desktop/laptops/servers for you from a scratch with your desired specifications

-all kinds of computer or technical problems and tasks.

-software applications,

-programming in many languages

-Web site creation

-Microsoft office and other IT applications,

-college or school projects, etc.



I offer very important services and developed great websites and applications for many businesses, individuals, families, organizations, and even large corporations and banks in WNY area. Please see my resume for details.

I live by two simple rules:

1. Don't lie

2. Don't disrespect





Businesses and corporations need real skilled worker like me so badly, but their systematic flaw of their hiring practices, ignorance and fear of the owners and bosses, and already hired in-house incompetent unskilled liars (employees) made impossible for real intellectual force like me to be in their lame presents. I do not want to be your employee anyway. If you need independent contractor who would work for you without collecting your benefits, we will talk. We will talk about work, such as IT challenged tasks, programming or web development. DO NOT ask me any HR Questions like an interview process or express your rhetoric false equivocating talks. For example, none of the talks and questions in this link is discussed:

I am a scientist and engineer. I don't talk and behave like double-talking corporate clowns with ties on their necks or with business dress, but without appropriate education and skills.


My fee: $20/hr or per contracted tasks.


Academic Distinctions and Professional Achievements:

Christopher McGrath is a winner of PATHWAY National Science Foundation Scholarship

among one of the four scholars (of 2002-2003 academic years) at SUNY POLY TECH.

Active professional in NYS Research Foundation (2000-2006) for various research projects and software developments.


Professional IT, Development, Software Engineering


Christopher McGrath

716 240 7786