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MTB Instruction Volume 1: Bull Rush Techniques & Principles

Arts Of Ancient Wisdom Martial Arts Center




MTB Instruction Volume 1: Bull Rush Techniques & Principles

How to effectively stand and out punch your opponent

Those who do not know this will go down and wonder why and how some of us out punch others.


Secrets will be reveal. Secrets that even advanced martial arts teacher could not figure out what the MTB warriors are doing while they are fighting. The only idea they have is at the end of the fight they see someone totally out. HOW? WHY? WHERE? WHAT?


You will have learned 20% of Myanmar Traditional Boxing  when you master these techniques and principles.


You will learn to use your head and shoulders effectively as offensive and defensive weapons in fistfights. Yes in MTB we use head as a weapon as well as a guard.


You will learn secrets of power source in punching and other offense.


You will learn how your foot works (steps) play in offensive and defensive. F


You will learn how to create opportunities to attack.

 You will learn some training methods to practice this.

 You will learn all the counter techniques for the above.

 You will learn all the Dos and Don’ts in Bull Rush.


You will see explanations to real competitions of Master Sau Wan Chine using these principles and techniques to become a number one champion. Then you can tell yourself, “oh! I see what he’s doing now.”

Master Sau Wan Chine holds the title Rank #1 Champion for more than three years.


This manual comes with 2 DVDs, The Best of Sau Wan Chine, Master of Bull Rush  and written documentations and picture illustrations.


This is authentic MTB  instruction in English. I am a real martial artist born in Myanmar. Please see my picture. I am a native born Myanmar martial artist who speaks, writes, and reads English very well. I am educated in the USA with BS in Applied Mathematics degree, and MS in Computer Science. I have read many junk books and instructions on the subject of kick boxing and Maui Thai. I sympathize those who really want to learn and know the truth have to believe liars. I won't mention the name of those liars.



Knowledge is precious or don't buy it.

 I have sold this treasure to many real martial artists who are fighting and preparing to enter beautiful Warrior Career.  


Some people think quality books/DVDs must be printed in a pretty book with junk cover and this and that. Your beloved martial artist do not make any money when you buy those books and most of the info are not accurate because the degenerated business men are selling the product using the artist identity.

We wish we could talk, email or be friends with some wonderful authors/artists we meet in the books. A true capable martial artist or great author does not have to be dead or famous. Well, I am much very alive, living the way of the truthful martial ways and I am the type of person that you would like to buy a drink for... I like everyone who practice or support martial arts.

The manual will come with print outs from Laser Printer directly and 2 NTSC DVDs. I am the author and the copyright owner. There are 23 pages, and about 20 illustrations on the manual.  


This manual is based on the tone, language, and mentality of real Myanmar Traditional Boxer though it’s written in English, so we all can get the idea of what is real and what is not  instead of out own prejudices and wishful thinking/facts


Bull Rush


Why is it called Bull Rush?


Many Myanmar make figurative speeches about fighting techniques. However, there is no official names for the kinds of actions and principle they do. Myanmar do not like to name things. For example, in English, we have upper cut, hook punch, straight punch, jab, etc. In Myanmar, everything is a punch.


That is why other non-native people have a hard time learning these secrets. What someone calls this technique may be called something totally different two hundred miles away. However, when someone wants to refer this technique/action, a typical Myanmar will say, “go in and gore him like a cow.” People in Myanmar have seen many male cow fights and they imitate what they see in actions and speech. I translate it beautifully “BULL RUSH.” Bull Rush consists of many effective techniques and principles.


I thought I had the honor of translation what we do "BULL RUSH" into English, but I saw someone had used similar terms like BULL FORM or BOAR FROM. I know him and his skills.. what he describes generally at his website is true. Anyway, I like the term BULL RUSH better.


 Inspiration to the Warriors out there


MTB flourishes and continues to exist under ancient tradition and mentality that fighting is the best and honorable way to resolves conflicts. Notice I mention fighting, not war. It’s not a crime to get into hand-to-hand fights when you get into an hostile social conflicts and arguments, or insults in the old days. However, when that tension is refrained and interrupted, hatred, ill feelings continue to exist and potential for war start to brew. There is one way to avoid having an obligation to assume responsibilities for our action (fights): that is not to do and say wrong to others. Inferior men think, however, it is not fair to be punished for their wrong deeds and actions and they try very hard to put down warriors. War does not have to be war among nations or groups, but individuals can have little personal wars among persons. Many cowards exist more and more as the societies become more complex with political influences, and systems.

Technical DVD Information

Region code 1 NTSC, Color, 2 hours.  

  Copyright © 2005- Arts of Ancient Wisdom Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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