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MTB Instruction Volume 2: Conditioning Methods & All Mechanics,

Arts Of Ancient Wisdom Martial Arts Center




VOL. 2

Christopher McGrath Myanmar Traditional Boxing Master Teacher Trainer

Myanmar Traditional Boxing Book Instructional Vol 2 title


You will have learned 85% of Myanmar Traditional Boxing  when you master MTB VOL 1 & 2.


1.     Disclaimer

2.     Introduction

3.     Contents About This Manual

4.     History of Myanmar

5.     Stances

                                         5.1. Standard Stance

                                5.1.1 Complex Vision

                                         5.2. Ogre Dance

                                         5.3. Leading Hand Extension (One Side Neutralized)

                                         5.4. Eagle Wings

                                         5.5. Bull Guard

                                         5.6. Elephant Steps

                                         5.7. Side Stance and Others

                                         5.8. Stances Conclusion

                                6. Punches

  • Jab (Leading Punch)

  • Power Punch

  • Leap Punch

  • Short Hook

  • Loop Punch

  • Uppercut (and Diagonal Fist)

  • Sky Way Fist (Power Uppercut)

  • Flying Sky Way Fist ( Springing Power Uppercut)

  • Circling Fist (Winging Punch)

  •  Spinning Fist

7. Punches Conclusion

8. Palm Strikes

9. Head Butts

10. Elbows

·       Vertical Elbow

·        Downward Elbow

·       Upside Down Elbow

·       Horizontal Elbow Tricks

·       Double Elbow Tricks

11. Knees

·       Principle of Knee

·        Knee Tactics

·       Jumping Knee

·       Flying Knee

·       Climbing Knee

·       Nabun Training for Knee

·       Clinches

                                           12. Slamming Techniques and Knees

  • Forward Suplex Neck Breaker
  • Crushing Knees

                                           13. Kicks

·       Shin Kick

·        Instep Kick

·       Spinning Kick

·       Front Stump Kick

·       Semi Front Push Kick

·       Side Kick

14.  Flying Attacks

15.  Conditioning Methods

16.  Stretching Out

17.  Warming Up

18.  Conditioning Your Weapons

19.  Proper Breathing and Inner Force

20.  Training Within Everyday Activities

21.  Next MTB Manual

22.  Comments About My MMA Fight (Striker VS. Grappler?)

23.  Updates to this Manual



Section 0. Stretching

Section 1. Mechanics on Punches

Section 1A. Principles & Comments on Punches

Section 2. Mechanics On Punches Continue

Section 3. Stances & Conclusion On Punches

Section 4. Elbows

Section 5. Palm Edge Strikes

Section 6. Head Butts

Section 7. Kicks

Section 8. Kicks Continue

Section 9. Flying Kicks

Section 10. Knees & Clinches

10.1. Flying Knees & Bull Rush Killer

10.2. Trade-off Attacks Intermission

Section 11. Clinches, Slams & Crush Lands

Section 12. Complementary Sections

Section 13. Dynamics & Combinations

Section 14. Conditioning Methods

These are authentic MTB instructions in English. I am a real martial artist born in Myanmar. Please see my picture. I am a native born Myanmar-American martial artist who speaks, reads, and writes English very well. I am educated in the USA with BS in Applied Mathematics degree. I have read many junk books and instructions on the subject of kick boxing and Muay Thai. I sympathize those who really want to learn and know the truth have to believe liars. I won't mention the name of those liars. Not only techniques in the manual will be applicable for the competitions, they will also be applicable for real situations without rules.


Knowledge is precious or don't buy it.

I have sold over 500 copies of MTB INST VOL. 1 to many real martial artists who are fighting and preparing to enter beautiful Warrior Career. I was surprised to find some shipping addresses that were to secret services all over the world, such as KGB (Russia), MI-6, MI-5 (England), FBI and CIA (USA), Mossad (Isreal), etc.


This is not a quick production. I spent two years working on my free time to make this possible with several MTB apprentices.


Some people think quality books/DVDs must be printed in a pretty book with junk cover and this and that. Your beloved martial artist do not make any money when you buy those books and most of the info are not accurate because the degenerated business men are selling the product using the artist identity.

We wish we could talk, email or be friends with some wonderful authors/artists we meet in the books. A true capable martial artist or great author does not have to be dead or famous. Well, I am much very alive, living the way of the truthful martial ways and I am the type of person that you would like to buy a drink for... I like everyone who practice or support martial arts.

The manual will come with printouts from Laser Printer directly and 2 NTSC DVDs (6HRS++). I am the author and the copyright owner. There are 30 pages, and with illustrations on the manual.


 DVDs have menu selections, subtitle explanations, voice over explanations, replays, and slow motions to make sure that everything is understood clearly.   

Technical DVD Information

Region code 1 NTSC or 0 WORLDWIDE, Color, 6 hours, 2 DVDs.  

  Copyright © 2005- Arts of Ancient Wisdom Inc. All Rights Reserved.

MTB flourishes and continues to exist under ancient tradition and mentality that fighting is the best and honorable way to resolves conflicts. Notice I mention fighting, not war. It’s not a crime to get into hand-to-hand fights when you get into an hostile social conflicts and arguments, or insults in the old days. However, when that tension is refrained and interrupted, hatred, ill feelings continue to exist and potential for war start to brew. There is one way to avoid having an obligation to assume responsibilities for our action (fights): that is not to do and say wrong to others. Inferior men think, however, it is not fair to be punished for their wrong deeds and actions and they try very hard to put down warriors. War does not have to be war among nations or groups, but individuals can have little personal wars among persons. Many cowards exist more and more as the societies become more complex with political influences, and systems.

Flying knee isn't raising up your knee and jump into the opponent. If you do that, you will get nailed every time. You have to be able to execute the knee at the last moment adapting to your opponent's every possible switches and counters. If it is missed, you should be able to execute the second one in split second in the air. How do you do all that? It's all in here!



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