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Arts Of Ancient Wisdom: Jujitsu Techniques & Challenged Matches

Arts Of Ancient Wisdom Martial Arts Center



Arts of Ancient Wisdom (AAW)

Jujitsu Techniques & Challenged Matches

(AAW 1)

 11 REAL Jujitsu Challenged Matches on a DVD and

a written manual documenting jujitsu techniques and above fights.

These are real competitions and no one wants to lose here. Yet we are not afraid to attack and try anything within the rules unlike some MMA fighters who are too afraid to make a mistake so they don't try anything at all and stall the fights.

We have martial arts teachers (including me) challenging each other here. Nine matches of eleven are me (Christopher McGrath) vs. other martial artists and/or my apprentices.

These are the AAW Club fights. I am the teacher/owner of the club and I own the copy right of all these fights.

The Techniques and Principles with the Manual and the DVD:

1) You will learn how to escape

a) Arm bar, jujigatame (secret techniques that never appeared before in any MMA competition). I discovered it and used it many times (on this DVD too).

Added March 17, 2006: I used it at my pro fight MFC 5 too. I was in an arm bar for about 1 min while my opponent trying to break my arm and fail. He is stuck and unsuccessful to make me tap and cannot give up position too. The referee comes to break up the position to his advantage. Otherwise, I would have taken advantage of the unfinished arm bar and done something else, like use the foot stumps to counter attack. Plus he was holding on to my gloves to prevent me from escaping 100%. The point is that is very hard to use realistic "brutal" techniques in restricted tame rule fights, but many martial artists are afraid that if were put to an arm bar, it's the end of the fight, which is not entirely true. I was still able to continue the fight.

b) Ankle Lock or Heelhook

c) Key locks (all variations), such as wakigatame, udigatame.

d) Rear mount and rear-naked chock.

2) Important principles of Jujitsu that most jujitsu books do not teach: they only show techniques but never covers essential jujitsu principles.

3) Learn serious limitations (weaknesses) of ground fighting and fear no grapplers. They s**k. I, Christopher McGrath, said it and take full responsibility to back it up.

This manual covers many aspects of jujitsu. Arm bar, Ankle Lock or Heel hook, Rear mount and rear-naked chock, and key locks are real lethal finishing moves that jujitsu masters use in MMA competitions. Many people (including MMA fighters) only know the "mainstream" techniques they usually see at old MMA competitions and they think that is all there is to it.

For example, typical MMA fighter will try to defend an arm bar with all the conventional methods he knows and he is ready to tap if everything fails, such as, keeping his arm inside, pull this arm back with the free arm, or slamming. That's dumb. Learn the smarter way, to counterattack the arm bar move and many other submission moves!!!! These principles and techniques complies with all MMA competition rules. I am NOT talking about eye gouging, biting, etc.


You will see a boxing sparing match and used of MTB Bull Rush principles. Those who bought the MTB Vol 1 can learn more and see the this fight demonstration/application. My opponent here outweighs me more than 100 lb here.

You will get a 2 hrs DVD disk and Written Manual (25 pages and about 20 picture illustrations) printed directly from a Laser Printer. I am the copy right owner.


The smallest guy you see in the all the pictures is me (or the first picture trying flying arm bar). All my opponents are bigger, stronger, and heavier than me in this DVD.

Some people think quality books/DVDs must be printed in a pretty book with junk cover and this and that. Your beloved martial artist do not make any money when you buy those books and most of the info are not accurate because the degenerated business men are selling the product using the artist identity.

We wish we could talk, email or be friends with some wonderful authors/artists we meet in the books. A true capable martial artist or great author does not have to be dead or famous. Well, I am much very alive, living the way of the truthful martial ways and I am the type of person that you would like to buy a drink for... I like everyone who practice or support martial arts.

Jujitsu Match Rules

  • No weight class
  • No striking, Biting, Eye gouging, Scratching
  • No Small Joints, i.e. fingers and toes
  • Time Limit (optional)
  • Use of clothing (optional)
  • Win by submission or forfeit
  • Can offer a draw to the opponent since there are no judges. 

Technical DVD Information

Region code 1 NTSC, Color, 2 hours.  

  Copyright © 2005- Arts of Ancient Wisdom Inc. All Rights Reserved.




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