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MTB 1: Angry Tiger Vs. Jungle Elephant DVD




Arts of Ancient Wisdom Martial Arts Center proudly brings you Myanmar Traditional Boxing (MTB) competitions. MTB is one of the ancient martial arts systems of Myanmar. MTB just started to become popular starting at 1990s, but it has been in Myanmar for thousands of years.  MTB is used to be known as Burmese Boxing. To spell out the Burmese tongue in English: "Myanmar Yoya Letwhayte."

These are the rules in MTB competitions:
Gloveless fights: no boxing gloves, but hand wrapping (optional).
Anything is allowed while standing up, including head butts, elbow, knees, kicks and slams.
No judges.
No striking while the opponent is down
One three-minutes break allowed during the fight
You have to knock out your opponent to win. Knock downs don't matter. No point fighting like western boxing, no one is keeping scores.

You can run around, but you can't hide!

Ninety Five percent of the fights end with someone KO.


MTB 1: Angry Tiger Vs. Jungle Elephant DVD



Fight 1

 Min Yan Neing


Pa Shoo Lay (Veteran Golden Belt Champ)


  • KO in 10 sec from lightning Bull Rush; 3 min break taken!

MTB 1: low kick

MTB 1: fight1 highlight

MTB 1: MTB head clinch

  • Fast, fast, fast! Lighting fast knees and everything

  • 2nd Round: Knee, knee, knee; real authentic MTB style knees

  • TKO from doctor’s stop.

  • Winner is Min Yan Neing.

  • The new youngster slays the old veteran MTB icon, but not easy...

Fight 2

Tha Tha Gyi Vs. Sau Robert


  • Perfect, fast, accurate spinning heal kick (just one) on the face.

MTB 1: Spin Kick

MTB 1: Kick Knock Out

  • Big bloody gash on the face.

  • Been setting it up so several times and finally gets it.

  • End of fight! So beautiful!

  • Winner Tha Tha Gyi. He is a phenomenon.

Fight 3

 Shwe Karin Vs. Zaw Zaw

 Winner is Shwe Karin.

Fight 4

Aung Aung Oo Vs. Late Sa Wee

 Winner is Aung Aung Oo

Fight 5

Tun Tun Vs. Myo Min Thein


Fight 6

Thant Zin Tun Vs. Kna Mun Pyu

 Winner is Thnat Zin Tun.

Fight 7


Min Satkya


Down Nyo Lay

(Very tricky fighter. Son of a veteran MTB teacher)


Letwhayt, Myanmar Traditional Boxing, Burmese Boxing Kick

  • Heartbreaking surprise to the fans

  • Down Nyo has always been beautiful to watch like a magician

  • “Unknown” Min Sac Kya shuts down all magic tricks and answers each attack

  • Makes a big gush on Down Nyo head and doctor’s TKO.

  • Min Satkya wins!


Fight 8


Saw Thair Myo

(Golden Belt Champ who will become an MTB icon)


Nay Win Tun

(Golden Badge Winner)


  • Saw Thair Myo is 100% authentic, great MTB warrior

  • Each opponent he fights is serious MTB warrior but he always wins so far

  • Beautiful, deadly movements like dance

  • Every movement and attack is lethal

  • Blows will move the target even it they are blocked

  • Take awhile and lasted until 2nd round, Sau The Myo gets his opponent again!


Main Event

Kyaw Zwa the Shan Lay Thway

(Current #1 Champion, nick named Angry Tiger)


Eir Htee Caw

(Challenger Golden Belt Champion, nick named Jungle Elephant)


MTB 1: technical letwhayte (MTB)(kickboxing)(Muay Thai) knee block


  • Powerful deadly kicks from Kyaw Zwa that moves the target body even if they are blocked.

  • Red marks all over Htee Caw body and legs

  • Htee Caw is knocked down and gets Count down in 20 sec first round. WOW!

MTB 1: Front Stump Kick Myanmar Style

  • Crowd cheers him and gives him strength

  • Very technical fight—100% intensity, calmness, focus with regular, calculated explosions every moment!

MTB 1: authentic educated MTB punch


Region code 1 NTSC, Color, 2 hours.

Your martial arts collection is not complete without MTB fights from Arts of Ancient Wisdom!


MTB warriors use all kinds of bone-breaking strikes, dashing, flying attacks, clinching techniques, and unique slam down methods not present in other martial arts systems—not even Muay Thai. Myanmar Traditional Boxing is most similar to Muay Thai, but there are huge differences in techniques, mentality, and principles. MTB is more realistic and better. Thai business industries have been falsely but successfully promoting their Muay Thai competitions as if they were big deals before the 1990s. The truth came out to the world afterward. Thai warriors have been on an endless losing streak to Myanmar warriors in these publicly documented martial arts competitions.


  Letwhayte (MTB) Strikes
MTB warriors are unique with their natural body weapons, such as fists, shins, head, elbows, knees, insteps, heels, and forearms. All these body parts of the warrior are lethally hardened like metal hammers. When they strike, they strike to break bones.

Unique Letwhayte Dashing and Flying Attacks
MTB competitions are the only martial arts competition packed with non-stop high-energy movements. These unique movements along with MTB strikes make MTB what it is—the best and most realistic martial arts system in present.

Technical MTB Clinches
MTB warriors use unknown clinching methods and principles that are not known in today’s Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) world.

MTB Slam Downs
MTB warriors use unique spectacular slam downs only present in MTB competitions in the world.


Click here if you want to learn Letwhayte, AKA. Myanmar Traditional Boxing, AKA. Burmese Boxing.


  Copyright © 2005- Arts of Ancient Wisdom Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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