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MTB 3: Father! Your Good Son is Always Victorious DVD




Arts of Ancient Wisdom Martial Arts Center proudly brings you Myanmar Traditional Boxing (MTB) competitions. MTB is one of the ancient martial arts systems of Myanmar. MTB just started to become popular starting at 1990s, but it has been in Myanmar for thousands of years.  MTB is used to be known as Burmese Boxing. To spell out the Burmese tongue in English: "Myanmar Yoya Letwhayte."

These are the rules in MTB competitions:
Gloveless fights: no boxing gloves, but hand wrapping (optional).
Anything is allowed while standing up, including head butts, elbow, knees, kicks and slams.
No judges.
No striking while the opponent is down
One three-minutes break allowed during the fight
You have to knock out your opponent to win. Knock downs don't matter. No point fighting like western boxing, no one is keeping scores.

You can run around, but you can't hide!

Ninety Five percent of the fights end with someone KO.


MTB 3: Father! Your Good Son is Always Victorious

MTB 3: Father! Your Good Son is Always Victorious



Fight 1

Win Tun

(MTB Champion in 2004--2010)


Saw Kya Lay

Knock out in 30 sec and Win Tun takes 3min break.
4th knock down, no more up.

Winner Saw Kya Lay.

This fight captures Win Tun in his earlier days in MTB ring. No one thinks he would be a Champion #1 in 2004. He doesn't choose the opponent and care about risk on his life. His determination and courage make him a very important MTB Champion and an icon (2004--2012). His opponents are just highly skilled and tricky opponents that beat Win Tun by slight edge of difference in experience and wits.
 Since a draw in a Main event with a phenomenon MTB warrior Thu Rya Year Aung in MTB 6, Win Tun (the underdog) doesn't lose anymore. They name MTB 14 event in his honor "HE WILL INVEST COURAGE AND COMPETE". That is all you need to compete in MTB events. MTB warriors are true self-made Champions unlike western MMA champions (like UFC) who have to rely heavily on promotion. MMA events like UFC and others in western world make many highly skilled true martial artists impossible to participate with unnecessary regulatory rules, heavy financial burdens. Corruptions!

Fight 2


Shwe Maung


Nay Win Tun


 A huge turn around occurs in this fight and surprises everyone.

Winner Nay Win Tun.

image of a Myanmar letwhayte warrior

letwhayte MTB Burmese boxing gloveless fight


Thine martial arts masters gloveless fight

Fight 3

 Chit Moe Sway


Nay Yine

Winner Nay Yine.

Explosive actions!
 Chit Moe Swe is doing well with head butts, knees, laughing, taunting...
Nay Yine breaks his shin by a surprise.

Here are some training capabilities of Letwhayte warriors: bursting coconuts open with bare knuckles, and breaking the water-filled barrels with shin kicks (tilting to spill over or often breaking the barrels).

Fight 4

Khoon Kyaw Sway


Noun Lone Phyan

Winner Noun Lone Phan.

Flying Leap Punches
Disciplined MTB principles and techniques applied

Invisible springing punches like you see in a Bruce Lee’s movie, but this is not a movie.

MTB 3: boxing gloveless fight competition

MTB 3 DVD: kneeing in head clinch Burmese boxing gloveless fight

Fight 5

Moe PaLair

(Golden Belt Champion)


Nine Bo

 (the Double Flying Knee)

Winner Moe PaLair.

Graceful Leap Punches vs deadly knees...
The master's Leap Punch gets Nine Bo
Another KO in 20 sec

The master tames this "wild-elephant man"...

Fight 6

Saw Kna Mum

(MTB Champion 2009--2012)


Maung Nee

Kna Mum wins!

A Slam down head butt knock the opponent unconscious in 5 sec.

Fight 7


Min Min


Chit Tun Lwin

Min Min wins!


Fight 8


Main Event
 Saw Wan Chine

( MTB Champion 2003--2005)


Win Nine Tun

(the Challenger)
MTB 3 DVD: Saw Wan Chine Myanmar Traditional Boxing Champion


MTB 3 DVD: Win Nine Tun vs. Saw Wan Chine Myanmar Traditional Boxing Champion


MTB 3 DVD: Win Nine Tun vs. Saw Wan Chine Myanmar Traditional Boxing Champion


MTB 3 DVD: Win Nine Tun vs. Saw Wan Chine Myanmar Traditional Boxing Champion


  • Wan Chine has another challenger once again, who climbs up quickly to top. This opponent is bigger, stronger, and looks meaner with a lot of spiritual (charm) tattoos.
     Wan Chine actually goes down three times in applying relentless Bull Rushes, but jumps back up each time. They both start with fury from the beginning to the end.
     Wan Chine sets up this opponent's leaning tendency and make his pay with big kick in the back of the head.

    Both is hurt badly right from the first round and fighting with will power. Neither of them show any fear or respect to each other at all.
    It will take your breadth away.
     Win Nei Tun goes down punching, not knowing what he is punching and never gets up again. He is fighting with tremendous concussions from previous hits on his head and they kick in like late effect. Shocking!!
     Wan Chine is literally spitting blood when he celebrates his victory. This is the fight where he is injured most in his career.

    This event is named referring to Saw Wan Chine in honor by Myanmar Letwhayte fans:

    Father! Your Good Son is Always Victorious.



Region code 1 NTSC, Color, 2 hours.

Your martial arts collection is not complete without MTB fights from Arts of Ancient Wisdom!


MTB warriors use all kinds of bone-breaking strikes, dashing, flying attacks, clinching techniques, and unique slam down methods not present in other martial arts systems—not even Muay Thai. Myanmar Traditional Boxing is most similar to Muay Thai, but there are huge differences in techniques, mentality, and principles. MTB is more realistic and better. Thai business industries have been falsely but successfully promoting their Muay Thai competitions as if they were big deals before the 1990s. The truth came out to the world afterward. Thai warriors have been on an endless losing streak to Myanmar warriors in these publicly documented martial arts competitions.


  Letwhayte (MTB) Strikes
MTB warriors are unique with their natural body weapons, such as fists, shins, head, elbows, knees, insteps, heels, and forearms. All these body parts of the warrior are lethally hardened like metal hammers. When they strike, they strike to break bones.

Unique Letwhayte Dashing and Flying Attacks
MTB competitions are the only martial arts competition packed with non-stop high-energy movements. These unique movements along with MTB strikes make MTB what it is—the best and most realistic martial arts system in present.

Technical MTB Clinches
MTB warriors use unknown clinching methods and principles that are not known in today’s Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) world.

MTB Slam Downs
MTB warriors use unique spectacular slam downs only present in MTB competitions in the world.


Click here if you want to learn Letwhayte, AKA. Myanmar Traditional Boxing, AKA. Burmese Boxing.


  Copyright © 2005- Arts of Ancient Wisdom Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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